Flyer Transmission Terms and Conditions:

  Blastmasters will transmit your:  ad specialty product,  special,  product introduction,  company introduction,  sale,  discount,  closeout or service promotions over the world wide web on your companies behalf.  Blastmasters utilizes legal and IP-market-response policies that must be honored to ensure our transmissions are delivered successfully and are of the highest quality.  Distributors that receive our transmissions expect them to be in an associational industry-standard manner.

Our List:
  Our list has been generated from over 15-years of service to the promotional products industry.  We do not sell our lists to any companies / businesses / organizations / institutes / non-profit and/or associations.  We do not buy lists from any outside companies / competition services / organizations / associations / businesses or non-profit.  We do not attend tradeshows so we do NOT participate in any tradeshow badge scanning procedures.  Our list is promotional product distributor based only.  We do not obtain addresses directly from world wide web spiders.   We use four in-house blast-servers.  Attempting to opt-in to our in-house servers is automatically rejected.  You can only opt-in through our [Contact-Us] page.

Artwork Specifications:
1):  Artwork should be created in one of the following formats:  .gif  ,  .jpg,  .png,  animated .gif,  .html  or .asp.
2):  DPI:  72 or 300 dpi.
3):  Art WIDTH:    710 pixels wide (max.) - horizontally.
4):  Art HEIGHT:  900 pixels (max.) - vertically.

A maximum of three; (3) links (per individual transmission),  are included in price we quote you.  If the total amount of links per flyer-transmission exceeds three; (3),  a $5.00 charge per additional link applies.

Client-Safe Versions:
Supply both a standard type artwork and a client-safe version artwork.

Artwork Submission Timeframe:
Once you have a date & time confirmed with us for your blast,  your artwork must be submitted (with subject line included) to us by email, 24-hours prior to the scheduled blast date and time.  If artwork is submitted inside the 24-hour timeframe, an additional rush-fee may apply.  If applicable,  the rush-free will be added to your invoice for that transmission.

Payments: Accepted Payment Method
We accept the following credit cards:  Mastercard,  Visa,  American Express,  and Discover.  We do NOT accept cash or checks for introductory blasts.  Checks may be accepted at our discretion,  after we establish a working relationship with your company.

All blasts must be paid in full prior to transmission.  All account balances must be paid in full 100Net0 and cannot be carried over to next billing period unless approved in advance.  Blastmasters reserves the right to refuse any business or discontinue transmissions of new or existing clients at its own discretion.  If Blastmasters does discontinue transmissions on your companies behalf,  we will provide the reason in writing. 

DECLINED CREDIT CARDS:  Declined Credit Cards carry a $20.00 reprocessing fee.
Past due balances carry a monthly 1.5% interest fee.
ARTWORK SUBMISSION TIMEFRAME:  Artwork submitted inside the 24-hour timeframe (see Artwork Submission Timeframes above) an additional $15.00 rush-charge will be applied.
RESCHEDULING:  Blasts re-scheduled (after final-proof-approval) within 24-hours of actual transmission date/time carry a $25.00 rescheduling fee.
HARD CANCELLATIONS:  Blasts that are requested,  scheduled,  setup,  proofed and approved by you - then hard cancelled either;  a): within 24-hours of the actual time you approved the blast,  or b);  within 24-hours of actual transmission time - carry a $25.00 removal fee.
RE-SETUP's:  Blasts that are requested,  scheduled,  setup,  proofed and approved by you - then changed causing us to re-setup the flyer comes with a $25.00 re-setup fee.  Blasts that are requested,  scheduled,  setup and proofs sent,  then a request from you to us (before you approve) - to re-setup the flyer again - (due to a problem in your original content) - comes with a $25.00 re-setup fee.  Either/Or - (but not both) may apply.
SAME-DAY SETUP:  Blasts that are to be setup on the same day will be refused.  If we do decide that we will (for existing client's only) honor a same-day-setup,  a same-day-setup-fee,  of $20.00 will be applied.  This applies to all;  new,  seasonal and schedule-steady client's.  (Schedule-Steady is defined as:  A supplier that occupies a specific day/time each week and fails to get us the proper info for setup and proof within the 24-hour-prior timeframe).  A $20.00 setup fee will be added to your account for that transmission.  Blastmasters has a limited amount of space each week and cannot afford scheduling problems of this type without due and proper notice.

Additional Legal Terms:
Multi-transmission contracts are billed in full by credit card for your account, unless otherwise stated by you and approved by Blastmasters. Our transmissions are of the highest professional quality and integrity. If a registered distributor reports to us that prices stated (without expiration-dates) are not being honored by you, your organization or any subsidiaries mentioned in your artwork - through a flyer transmitted by us, and/or orders placed are not being delivered as promised to the distributor, by you, your company or any subsidiaries connected to the content in your flyer(s), and/or any other legal or non-legal discrepancies arise resulting from your company’s inability to honor a price and/or delivery date you provided a distributor in writing, and/or in the transmission material itself, we reserve the right to cancel your account, refund the remaining balance and no further transmissions will be transmitted on your companies behalf. All transmissions are transmitted within 15-minutes +/- of original scheduled transmission time due to occasional heavy server activity. Information contained on this page is subject to change at any time and Blastmasters reserves the right to make changes with or without public notice, with the exception of this page on our website. If we make a change that effects all suppliers that use our service, notice will be sent to all current suppliers - in email form.

If a problem occurs solely on Blastmasters part in the transmitting of a flyer that is deemed damaged,  incorrect, etc...  Blastmasters will provide a retransmission of the original flyer that was sent in error at a later date free of charge to the supplier.  Blastmasters reserves the right to either: 1):  let the supplier pick a new date/time IF said date/time (supplier's choice) is currently available on the schedule at time of error occurrence,  or,   2):  Blastmasters may choose the date and time on its own behalf.  Blastmasters reserves total legal rights to choose which method to offer the supplier based on availability.  If a date/time is chosen by the supplier,  Blastmasters still reserves the right to change the date on its own behalf to accommodate paying suppliers requests. This also covers scheduling errors on Blastmasters part.  We will send you a final proof for your inspection and testing purposes.  We require approval from you before a flyer-transmission is transmitted through our network.  If we send you a proof,  and you approve it,  then you realize something was wrong “after” the flyer was transmitted,  the sole responsibility / fault lies with you (the supplier) and not Blastmasters in any way. Nor does this entitle the supplier to an additional-transmission.  Check your flyer and approve it before it is transmitted.  Flyers not approved by supplier by date and time of transmission will have the said flyer held in "draft mode" on our servers until YOU approve it.