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FLYER TRANSMISSIONS:   Blastmasters offers your company over 15-years of professional,  high-quality flyer transmission services for the promotional supplier offering specialized flyer advertising to our group of established promotional distributor's in the following promotional and printing associations; ASI,  PPAI,  PPAC,  UPIC,  SAGE,  SAAGNY,  SAAC,  TRASA,  ASAP,  NNEP, DMIA,  Sanmar PSST and PROMOPASS.  For a distributor to receive our flyers, they must be registered in one of these associations.  Our advertising rate of recipient's is currently at: 239908.  Don't your products deserve the best exposure in the most cost effective manner?   Click HERE for more info.

What distinguishes us from our competition?  Simple;  We adhere to qualities that our competition don't, namely in the amount of flyers we send out per week. Since 2001 we only send out a maximum of 20-flyers per week (5 per day). We are not a "send-as-many-per-day-as-we-can-sell" type transmitter.  How does this help you?  Our recipient's do not get flyer after flyer in their inboxes all day long.  This keeps our opt-out ratio to a minimum and has kept our company in the forefront of our industry all these years.  We do not send out at night,  on weekends or on Holiday's.  A careful adherence of transmission policies helped establish our position with distributor's in this industry.  Abusive frequency does matter.  We play no part in that.  Blastmasters is also the "exclusive" flier transmitter for the following clubs and associations:  SANMAR PSST Club,  and for:  ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) and ASAP (Advertising Specialty Association for Printers).

  Our list grew from 6,000 (in 2001) to over 239908 today. 378 suppliers use our service.  Scheduling is limited.  See our TESTIMONIALS page.

EQP/NQP CLUB:   Want to easily INCREASE SALES quickly and effortlessly?  Join the Blastmasters EQP/NQP/DISCOUNT Club today.  It's quick, easy and effective. Since 2003 our EQP/NQP Club has been a premier forerunner in providing suppliers orders based on our exclusive membership of distributor's.  Our supplier rouster currently consists of 83 participant's that offer EQP,  NQP or special discounts in our club,  and 138 distributor's that use the club on a daily basis.  We bought out EQPSpecials.com in 2006.  Suppliers;  don't miss out.  Our club is effective,  has a long history in the promotional products industry and is geared to get you orders effortlessly.  And it's free,  no paperwork to fill-out,  we will go to your site and list all your product-categories in our club-product-search-engine,   there is no obligation to stay in the club,  and we want to residuals from any sales you make.  Interested in more info?  Click HERE.

SPECIALS & CLOSEOUTS Database:   Since 2001 our Specials & Closeouts database has made a distinction from all the rest.  Sure,  you can go to ASI,  DC or SAGE and look for standard-priced catalog items...  But with US,  you search ONLY specials & closeouts.  Let the other's keep their standard-priced catalog items on those sites,  we'll take the specials and closeouts.  That's basically how it works in this industry today,  and we receive over 19890+ hits a week to our website due to our specials & closeouts database.  With 57782 distributors registered on our site,  it is the source that makes quick,  easy,  effortless sales for you.  We will come to your site and enter all your specials and closeouts into our database for you.  This is free to you.  We want no residuals.  It's been this way - ALWAYS! - since 2001.  Interested in having your specials and closeouts listed in our database for FREE? - Click HERE to contact us.

COUPON Database:  Would you like to post a coupon on our website for free?  If you have products listed in our Specials & Closeouts database already,  they compliment the product listings and will appear each time a distributor searches out one of your products,  If you don't,  then offer a coupon to our distributor's FREE that appear on our coupon listings page automatically.  NOTE:  (IN PROTECTED-MODE - END-USER'S CANNOT SEE ANY SUPPLIER INFO - ONLY DISTRIBUTORS CAN).  End-User's - you'll have to use one of our 57782 registered distributors to place a order or receive any info.  It's free and only takes a few seconds to create one. Ready?  Click HERE.

EMERGENCY PRODUCT SEARCH System:  Distributor's are always looking for something...  many times they can't find it...  So they contact us (for years) requesting we assist them in locating one.  So in 2005 we created a system that allows the distributor to fill-out a form on our site,  and submit the form to 21,000 of our email-registered suppliers instantly.  An email (not a flier) will arrive from us to you with the product description.  If you have the product,  contact the distributor.  If not, then just delete the email.   It works well.  Get registered in our list and these product search emails can come to you too.  NOTE:  (We will send you a regular type email,  not a flier type email.  This is not a flier based type email.  So you'll be able to tell the difference between the two.)  And you'll get an easy,  effortless sale.   Interested in being in our list?  Click HERE to contact us.

Since 2001 Blastmasters has been offering quality services (many FREE) to benefit both the distributor and supplier in the promotional product industry.
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