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EQP/NQP CLUB:   Want to save money on your orders from our 83 club suppliers?  Join our EQP/NQP Club today.  It's quick, easy and effective.  Since 2003 our EQP/NQP Club has been a premier forerunner in providing distributor's money-saving alternatives based on our exclusive membership of supplier's.  Don't miss out.  Our club is effective,  has a long history in the promotional products industry and is geared to get you reduced-priced orders effortlessly.  We bought out EQPSpecials.com in 2006.  Receive End-Quantity-Pricing on our club suppliers' FULL-CATALOGS!!!  Join the 138 distributor's in our club and cut your bottom-line on all your orders.  Interested in more info?  Click HERE.    

SPECIALS & CLOSEOUTS Database:   Since 2001 our specials & Closeouts database has made a distinction from all the rest.  Sure,  you can go to ASI,  DC or SAGE and look for standard-priced catalog items...  But with US,  you search ONLY specials & closeouts.  Let the other's keep their standard-priced catalog items on those sites,  we'll take the specials and closeouts.  That's basically how it works in this industry today,  and we receive over 19890+ hits a week to our website due to our specials & closeouts database.  With 57782 distributors registered on our site,  it is the source to save you money quickly.  If your a member of Blastmasters,  it's right on the homepage ready to use. (NO log-in required...) This is free to you for receiving our flyers.  ALWAYS!  It's on our homepage right now, on the left-side, so start using it now.  Since 2001.

COUPON Database:  Free on our site,  we started this tradition in 2003,  now every competition website does it!  Ours were always free to distributor's,  and are always kept "current".  You can see them HERE.

EMERGENCY PRODUCT SEARCH System:  Looking for something?  Can't find it?  Tired of going to websites,  making calls or looking through catalogs?  We can HELP!   Put your product request in front of 21,000 suppliers instantly.  Let the supplier who has this product contact you!!!  It's THAT EASY!!!  Need us to help find that product?  Click HERE.

Since 2001 Blastmasters has been offering quality services (many FREE) to benefit both the distributor and supplier in the promotional product industry.
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