Distributors that receive our Flyers:
"Blastmasters has been one of my favorite tools for years.  Between the email Blast which brings me the newest products and sales as well as the blastmasters website,  I have saved time and money when searching for products.  It is always my first stop when looking.  Thank you all..."
Robert Nolan
Wall 2 Wall Promotions, LLC

"Keeping the vendor correspondence separate from client e-mails really helps me out.  Take care and keep up the good work.  Blastmasters e-mails always load quickly and I appreciate getting them."
Warm Regards,
Michael Crooks
Crooks Advertising Alliance

"I think what I will do is send SmartBlast the unsubscribe notice,  maybe one to PromoCorner also.  I like your service – four is plenty for me a day,  at least those four get read,  the other 45 get deleted.  Sorry to say,  up to now,  I didn’t realize there were three different companies doing this.  I mistakenly thought it was 33!!  Thanks again.  Good luck to you too."
Jay Berger
Innovative Marketing

ASI 170490
15722 Birch River Drive
Houston, TX

"I was getting so many of these flyers - I sent that letter to all the ASI related emailers.  Yours was not the problem.  Thanks for your quick response.  I still haven't heard from the other guilty parties yet."
MSJ Enterprises
153 High Pond Drive
Jericho, NY 11753

"I just wanted to say" thank you"  for your hard work and efforts with the blasts. They are such a valuable tool to us, as distributors.  Thanks again!"
Fran Graziose
Diamond Promotions, Inc.

"I know that I am still in your current database,  but I have stopped receiving your e-blasts.  Why is that?  I always found them useful and would like to continue to receive them.  Can you get me back in the loop?  Thanks."
Cecilia Webb
V.P. Sales
W.D. Webb Printing Services
600 West Shady Grove Rd.
Irving, TX 75060
972-259-6012 / Fax 972-253-0822

"I am quite impressed at the speed and throughfullness you have replied and took care of me.  Thank you so very much!  It will be just natural for me to care more about your promotional email that I will receive in the future,  hence increasing your business success."
Edith Bédard
Select Marketing & Dist. Corp.

"Thank you for your response.  I have tried to get the rest of them to only send me the 1 daily email with copies of all of the emails for the day in it.  It has gotten WAY out of hand with all of the flyers we get on a daily basis.  One of them I just sent an email to saying I have been on there site 4 times to change my frequency and it isn't changing and that if they couldn't change it to remove me completely.  I don't want to not receive yours.  Keep me the way it is."
Thank you,
Harry M. Sklaroff, President
HMS Promotions, LLC

"Thank you very much Mark,  Yesterday I got pages of receipts, that is wonderful.  You have been so helpful and nice..."
Sandra Alvarado
Posada Producciones Panamericanas
P.O. Box 0831-02598
Republica of Panama

"Thanks Mark,  glad it worked out.  Nice to know that people are listening to "Email's".  So many times you don't get anything back to even acknowledge one,  let alone have your suggestions used.  I'll look forward to using it."
Dave Hammond
OCEAN PROMOTION - Affiliate of iPROMOTEu.com

Suppliers that use our Flyer-Transmission Service:
"Hi Mark, We want to do another blast with you, and are discussing when and what we want to do. Last time, you did half your list. The "problem" was we got overwhelmed with calls and didn't have the capacity (people or phone lines) to handle the rush. Can you spread out the blast more for us? For instance, maybe 5000 blasts every hour x 6 hours for 3 days (about 90,000 total - if I recall correctly you have almost that many subscribers)."  Thankx and Merry Christmas!
Rick F Puglisi
Imperial Textiles

"We continue to get an excellent response from your service.  Thanks!"
Jeremy Fifer
GBS Magnets

"Absolutely the BEST RATES in this industry!  As effective as tradeshows but more cost effective."
Dan Seigel
Hartleigh / Starlight Inc.

"We've introduced a new product, the DAYNIGHT SOLAR PANEL HOUSE NUMBERS to the industry,  and the initial reaction has been great - over 75 $10.00 sample orders so far,  plus requests for hundreds of catalogs!  Nice work!"
Raymond D. Strakosch, MAS

"We get great responses when we use your service."
Michael Feldman
Carhartt Embroidery

"Lots of response.  Lots!!!!  Good News Mark!  We’re a little overwhelmed which is awesome!!!  Thank you"
Scott A. Wells
Rite Clicks, LLC

"We got our first order today from the blast.  A distributor sold three golf tournaments in one shot.  Thanks Mark.  Awesome!!!!  Looks like we’ll be doing business on a regular basis."
Scott A. Wells
Rite Clicks, LLC

"I think the blast has generated an excellent response.  Better yet,  the responders mostly seem to be highly qualified.  My first order yesterday covered my cost."
Dennis Payne
MBMA Inc. / The Coffee Room

"Mark,  2:08 AM on a Sunday morning and you're up fixing my phone number?  Now THAT is some freakin' SERVICE!  You are the man!"
Pat Hamilton
Northern Lights Recoginition

Distributors that use the Specials & Closeouts Database:
"Keep up the great work you guys do.  I've already captured several sales and new clients because of the closeouts on your site.  Thanks again!  Here's to SUCCESS!"
Sharla Gist
AD-mirations Promotional & Specialty Products
281.235.0136 main
281.379.4112 fax

"I really like your format of all your suppliers in your flyer for the week in 1 email rather 10-20 for the week.  Keep up the good job!!"
Toni DeSalvo
Promo Affaire

"Just wanted to let you know you do great work!  I can only imagine all of the hours you all put into your web site.  Your hard work does not go unnoticed.  Keep up the great work!"
Cheri Crozier
PlaidRabbit Promotions

"Thank YOU for the excellent service!"
Joanne Rush-Worrall
JPR Consulting, Inc.

Distributors that use the DDIS Service:
"I've found that Blastmasters is a great way to present up-to-date supplier specials and closeout information to my customers.  Not only is the site easy to navigate and end-user friendly,  but the staff is extremely helpful in the setup process.  I've linked to Blastmasters right from my web site.  My customers really like the site.  I'm glad I associated with you."
Robert E Rokitowski
Rokit Promo
ASI 311324

"I have the link in place and so far it is working great!  Thanks for your help and have a great day!"
Mary Murphy
Murphy's Promotions and Marketing
Jasper, GA.

"Thanks Mark!  I'm excited to have won the contest for free lifetime membership and very eager to start saving money with the club!  Keep up the excellent work."
Joanne Rush
JPR Consulting